Yukiko the Yuki-Onna


Age: 344

Height: 4’11”

Build: Petite

Skin tone: Blizzard Blue

Eyes: Silver

Hair: White, Alice Blue, and Bright Lilac

Weapon of Choice: Katana and Ice Magic



Ice Ice Baby: Yukiko snaps her finger and a huge icicle shoots out of the ground impaling her opponent from behind. She giggles and snaps her other finger and additional icicle shoots out of the ground and tears her opponent’s body to shreds. Yukiko twirls and turns to the camera with a giggle.

Cold as Ice:

Miss Freeze: Yukiko saunters over to her opponent and giggles. She takes their cheeks in her hands and brings their face in for a cute kiss. She steps backwards swaying as she watches her opponent’s body freeze solid. She then jumps and flips, kicking her frozen opponent and shattering them into a million pieces of bloody ice. She then turns to the camera and giggles.

Cold Shot:

Theme: C-ute – Kiss Me

Other Notes: Yukiko’s navel ring is a belly dangle type with a charm in the shape of the Kanji for Snow. She also has dark blue makeup under her eyes.