Selene the Werewolf

Age: 21

Height: 5’

Build: Petite

Skin tone: Extremely Pale

Eyes: Silver and Gold (Heterochromatic)

Hair: White, Powder Blue, and Maize (Exceedingly Long and Wild)

Weapon of Choice: Brute Strength, Claws, and Fangs





Bloodmoon: Selene freezes, her eyes appearing as if they were in a trance. They then begin to glow red and she charges her opponent in a frenzy. She pounces on her opponent and begins clawing, biting, and tearing until they are completely torn to shreds. She straddles the remains panting heavily as her eyes revert back to normal.

Moon Dance:

Theme: Girlicious - Maniac

Other Notes: Selene’s navel ring is a dangle with a charm in the shape of a silver crescent moon.