Pandora the Witch

Age: 21

Height: 5’5”

Build: Slender

Skin tone: Pale White

Eyes: Bright Orange with Very Dark Circles around Them

Hair: White, Red, and Green (Bob)

Weapon of Choice: Her Wand and Her Magic


Pandora is a 21 year old woman hailing from Boston in 1692. Tortured after being accused of being a witch she managed to survive. In her rage and pain she decided to become the very thing the citizens of Boston wanted her to be, a witch. Seduced by the darkness her rage and hate swelled and consumed her. It wasn’t long before she became the most powerful witch anyone had ever seen. It was this power that lead to her selection by Armageddon, a demon at the edge of time. In return for participating in Armageddon’s World’s End Tournament, she is promised that her revenge will be fulfilled. Little does she know Armageddon has no intention of keeping that promise. Out of her pain Pandora has become very cruel and feels fulfilled in causing suffering. She has little time for fools and does not trust anyone.


Witch’s Hat: Pandora’s hat comes to life, a large mouth full of razor sharp teeth appearing.  The hat grows and size and bites off the head of Pandora’s opponent. After a few moments the body topples over and the hat begins consuming the fallen fighter from the feet up.

Witchy Woman: Pandora waves her wand causing her opponent to fall into a stupor. Pandora waves her wand again and her opponent begins tearing at their own body, leaving deep gashes. Finally they tear out their own throats and collapse to the ground, gurgling. Pandora then approaches and stomps on the fallen fighter’s head crushing it into paste.

Boil Boil Toil and Trouble: Pandora takes out a vile and shoves it down the throat of her opponent. Their Opponent begins to writhe and scream as an acid melts through their stomach, causing their torso to fall backwards from their pelvis. The remainder of their corpse dissolves as the acid spreads on the ground.

Voodoo Queen: Pandora takes out a voodoo doll and begins twisting the limbs one by one, snapping her opponent’s limbs leaving compound fractures. She then begins to bend the torso of the voodoo doll until her opponent’s spine finally snaps and their shoulders are folded to touch their butt.

Theme: Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child

Other Notes: Pandora’s belly ring is a dangle type with a black rose charm. Pandora also has a tongue ring that is in the shape of a black rose. There is thick black makeup around her eyes.