Nasreen the Genie


Age: 2123 (Appears 23)

Height: 5’4”

Build: Slim

Skin tone: Copper

Eyes: Amethyst

Hair: Purple, Pink, and Crimson

Weapon of Choice: Magic and Shamshir



Dance of the Djinn: Nasreen begins to perform an erotic bellydance, which begins to pull life energy away from her opponent until they are drained and their body disintegrates into dust.

I Dream of Genie:

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers: Nasreen raises her hands and brings them together slowly. As she does her opponent’s body begins to be crushed by an invisible force, blood and guts beginning to spill out and their eyes popping out. She then raises her hands again and brings them together vertically crushing the remainder of the corpse into a bloody mist.

I Can Kill Someone:

Theme: Christina Aguilera – Genie in a Bottle

Other Notes: Nasreen has a belly ring that is a dangle type with a charm that is in the shape of a golden lamp. She also has a golden nose and tongue stud.