Makenna the Dragon

Age: 1023 (Appears 29)

Height: 6’

Build: Athletic

Skin tone: Cerise

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Crimson , Golden, and Ruby (Short and Wild)

Weapon of Choice: Flight, Fire Breath, Teeth, Claws, and Brute Strength



Dragon’s Inferno:

Blazing Skies:


Need a Lift?: Makenna takes flight and lifts her opponent into the air and take flight. As she ascends she breathes fire on her opponent and then after a certain point begins to dive, still breathing fire on her screaming and writhing opponent. As she reaches the earth she slams her opponent’s body into the ground causing it to explode into dust.

Theme: Rudenko - Everybody

Other Notes:  Makenna has a belly ring that is a dangle type in the shape of a flame.