Mee-Yon the Qilin

Age: 244 (Appears 23)

Height: 5’2”

Build: Slim

Skin tone: Gold

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Golden, Emerald, and Ruby (Long and Straight)

Weapon of Choice: Iron Fan, Horns, and Magic



Power of the Eastern Skies:

You Get the Horns:

Fortune Frowns on You:

Divine Punishment: Mee-Yon charges her opponent and slashes her opponent’s throat, cutting her opponent’s neck and she charges and slashes again, decapitating them. She then leaps up and slashes down with her fan, bisecting them from shoulders to pelvis.

Theme: BoA - Valenti

Other Notes: Mee-Yon has a belly ring that is a dangle with a charm in the shape of the character for heaven.