Lenora the Ringmaster

Age: 24

Height: 5’4”

Build: Petite

Skin tone: Pale

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Crimson, Purple , and Pink (Long)

Weapon of Choice: Her Whip and Magic


Lenora grew up as part of a traveling circus, or at least that was the cover. Her family was really a family of magicians who prayed on the life force of their audience to increase their power. Ambitious from an early age, Lenora betrayed her father and took his place as ringmaster. Drunk with power she desires to become the most powerful mage in the world. She was summoned by Armageddon, a demon at the edge of time. In return for participating in Armageddon’s World’s End Tournament, she is promised she will have control of the life force of all the people of the world. Little does she know Armageddon has no intention of keeping that promise. Lenora is incredibly sadistic and is not above toying with her enemies. She is also extremely lustful and really has no problem whether her lust is directed at a man or woman.


King of the Jungle: Lenora smiles and snaps her fingers, opening a dimensional portal. Suddenly an enormous lion leaps out of the portal its paw pinning Lenora’s opponent by the legs. Her opponent screams and struggles in vain as the lion bites her opponent’s upper torso in half, devouring it before eating the leftovers.

Whip It: Lenora swings her whip and wraps it about her opponent’s legs, pulling them off balance. As they attempt to crawl away Lenora swings her whip, wrapping it around their throat. She then stomps on their spine, pinning them to the ground and begins pulling back with  the whip until their spine snaps, She then pulls further until the torso is ripped in half entirely.

Freakshow: Lenora swings her whip, wrapping it around her opponent’s torso and yanks, pulling her opponent close to her. She then embraces them, caressing their body and begins passionately kissing them. Suddenly without warning she wraps the whip around them and forces their body back as she pulls, snapping them completely in half. She then drops the lifeless corpse to the ground.

CarnEVIL: Lenora swings her whip around her opponent’s arm and yanks flipping them around. She then approaches and embraces them from behind. She then began to grope them and finger them. Just as her opponent approaches’ release she stops and quickly tears their head off with a deft movement, the decapitated corpse toppling to the ground.

Theme: Britany Spears - Circus

Other Notes: Lenora’s navel ring is a dangle type with a charm that is in the shape of a jeweled top hat. She also has a golden nose stud and tongue stud.