Eve the Homunculus

Age: 2 (Appears 23)

Height: 5’9”

Build: Curvy

Skin tone: Ash Grey, Olive, and Fern Green

Eyes: Electric Blue and Electric Indigo (Heterochromatic)

Hair: Black, White, and Emerald

Weapon of Choice: Lightning Magic and a Giant Hammer



It’s Dead:

A Composite’s Fury:

Hammer Time: Eve leaps into the air and slams her hammer down on her opponent’s head, obliterating their skull. She then swings a second time, utterly destroying their torso. Finally she slams her hammer down on the pelvis and legs which are still standing, still crushing them.

Lightning Blast:

Theme: Girlicious - Babydoll

Other Notes:  Eve’s belly ring is a dangle type with a amethyst charm.