Age: 24

Height: 5’4”


Build: Voluptious

Skin tone: Azureish White

Eyes: Orange with Black Scelera

Hair: Black, Red, and Green

Weapon of Choice: Bladed Riding Crop and Demon Magic



Devil’s Dance: Eris begins to dance erotically grinding up against her opponent. After a while she whips out her bladed crop and slashes, decapitating her opponent.

Sympathy for the Devil:


Beast is the Harlot: Eris pushes her opponent on their back and then drops to all fours and erotically crawls over her opponent, licking along their torso from their belly button to their breasts she then straddles them and begins to fondle their breasts and kiss them lustfully causing them to arch, moan, and writhe in ecstasy. Then without warning she grabs them about the throat and begins to choke them, giggling as they struggle. She then tears their head off their neck and begins to make out with the severed head of her opponent, still straddling their body. She turns to the camera and smiles seductively, tossing the head nonchalantly to the side.

Theme: Utada Hikaru – Devil Inside

Other Notes: Eris has a belly ring that is a dangle type with a charm in the shape of an obsidian devil’s tail. She also has an obsidian nose and tongue stud. Her left hip sports a tattoo of a heart with a pitchfork through it.